Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act

On 1st April 2016, the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act came into force. This legislation is designed to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

The Act is underpinned by

Seven well-being goals.

Laying out a consistent vision for the ‘Wales We Want’, these are the objectives that public bodies included in the Act must aim to achieve.

  • A prosperous Wales
  • A resilient Wales
  • A healthier Wales
  • A more equal Wales
  • A Wales of cohesive communities
  • A Wales of vibrant culture & thriving Welsh language
  • A globally responsible Wales

The Sustainable Development Principle.

Five factors that public bodies must consider when deciding how best to achieve the well-being goals.

  • Long term
  • Prevention
  • Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Involvement

Under the Act, each local authority area is required to form a Public Services Board (PSB).  The PSB will contribute to the achievement of the well-being goals by:

  • Completing an assessment that indicates how close the local area is to achieving the well-being goals.
  • Deciding where, as a collective, the board stands to make the greatest strides towards the well-being goals.
  • Publishing and implementing a well-being plan detailing the part the board will play in the attainment of the goals.

‘The Essentials’ publication from Welsh Government provides an overview of the Act, including which public services are represented on the PSB.

Wrexham PSB minutes and news will be shared via this website following the board’s first meeting in June 2016.  The board will meet quarterly.

For further information, please contact Helen Odunaiya, Partnerships Lead, PIPS team,  Wrexham County Borough Council, at helen.odunaiya@wrexham.gov.uk, or on 01978 292273.