‘The Wrexham We Want’ – A Plan for Wrexham

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We’re working on a plan that will shape the present and future of Wrexham County Borough. It’ll impact on your life, and the lives of future generations.

It’s really important we get it right. That’s why we’re involving you every step of the way, and now we want you to help decide which of the proposed priorities are the most important.

‘The Wrexham We Want’ is about understanding your views on the most important issues facing Wrexham in the future, and the actions you think public services across Wrexham need to take to improve the well-being of future generations.

Thank you for your help so far. There’s a long way to go so we hope you’ll tell us what matters most and help us deliver the future we all want.

 What you’ve told us so far…

Phase 1 – In autumn 2016 we asked a really simple question: “what do you want Wrexham to be?”

We also asked what might get in the way. And what public services and communities need to do to make it happen.

This is what you told us

The answers were combined with other information to produce a draft Wrexham Well-Being Assessment.

It sets out the big issues, challenges and opportunities for Wrexham County Borough – both now and in the future – based on what you’ve told us, and what key data tells us.

Phase 2 – In early 2017 we asked you to look at the draft assessment and tell us if we got it right. We wanted to check if there was anything missing or anything we needed to change.

Here’s what you told us

Children and young people are our future, so it’s important they have a big say too.

The Senedd Yr Ifanc (Wrexham Youth Parliament) has been working with young people to capture their views.

Here’s what they told us

We’ve used the answers everyone gave us to finalise the Wrexham Well-Being Assessment – to make sure it reflects the things that really matter to local people.

Here’s a copy of the Wrexham Well-Being Assessment 

What happens next…

Now it’s time for us to start developing a plan for the county borough.  It’ll set out how everyone will work together to create ‘The Wrexham We Want’, and it’ll be called the Wrexham Well-being Plan.

The evidence in the Well-being Assessment (which includes what you’ve told us so far) suggests that there are a different ways we could improve Wrexham, so we need some help from you to work out what the final priorities should be. We need you to tell us what matters most.

We’ll then develop a draft of the Well-being Plan based on those priorities which you think will most improve well-being across the county borough now and in the future (and work with you to finalise this plan later in the year).

What you tell us will be used to finalise the plan – to make sure it focuses on the right priorities for Wrexham, and highlights the best ways public services and communities can work together to improve the well-being of future generations.

It’ll be published in April 2018. Once it’s published, we’ll continue to work with you to deliver the plan.

Stay involved…

This is not an ‘ask once and walk away’ exercise. We’ve asked for your views and taken them on board. And we want to thank you for your involvement so far – you’ve already made a difference.

As we move forward, we want to continue our conversation with you.

Your voice matters. Please register to stay involved.

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